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Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle


All modes, light colors updated for combos, modes, etc
All modes, main BG music could start when monster mode started 
All modes, mode total animation process cleaned up.. should be faster
All modes, modes can only be played once
All modes, monsters reset in prep for wizard mode
All Modes, shaker support added'

Combos, mode select targets kill any progress
Combos, scoring updated
Combos, system updated

EOB, can break out of EOB bonus info early hitting both flippers
EOB, sfx added

Frenzy, frenzy light was overriding multiplier ready light
Frenzy, keeps its own score collected.. used for mode total

General, cleaned up count down timer routines. Could cause a crash if not handled properly
General, coils only fire once in attract and if start it pressed
General, collecting special award free game when not in free play
General, extra safety added to upper playfield drop target to reset on no activity
General, gameover will only pick from quotes that fit within the animation frame time
General, highscore/match order in which they are display was reversed
General, increased save ball grace to 4 seconds
General, left scoop light animation cleanup
General, left scoop scream was missing while out of monster mode
General, light priorities changed for combo/mode/frenzy
General, lightshow in attract no longer responds to flippers
General, loading screen has some variety
General, lower drop targets cleaned up logic so they reset only if they aren't in the correct position already
General, monster select lights are now off when in Frank mode
General, player 3 score moved to the left a bit
General, relabeled some switch names in switch test
General, remove old media not being used
General, removed "super" from special in menu system
General, removed GI from some lightshow sequences
General, removed GI from the left scoop in/out animations
General, room control forces lock servo to center position on magnet hold
General, room travel was prevented after an initial ball save
General, upper drop target safety reset timer was using a hard coded 1 second timer.. changed to 5 seconds
General, upper lanes were over riding the frenzy light and killing it
General, flippers were still enabled through end of ball
General, lane save switching now disabled during end of ball

Highscore, bug when replay played on ball 3 and ball ended. highscore screen needs to refresh
Highscore, launch button could cause game to "end"
Highscore, some internal changes to how it starts
Highscore, timeout was in debug mode

Hurryup, changed multisave to single save on ball save
Hurryup, crash fix, chance that text would update when it shouldn't
Hurryup, mode not totally disabled when mode total shows up
Hurryup, removed a redundant update display.. contributed to video slowdown
Hurryup, sfx changed from heart beat to Shepard tone

Mag-neato-o, removed the magnet save while in frank or crypt mode

Mystery award, award sfx now duck the music

Replay, now plays sfx immediately, used to be on a delay
Replay, video/sfx added

Secret passage, new music starts when ready

Servos, will now disengage after 1.5 seconds of last being used

Skillshot, while ball 3 gimme active, skillshot would respond when it shouldn't
Skillshot, false skillshot activation due to slow ball launch

Special, awards 25 million in free play
Special, menu setting updated with the 4 settings (Audit, Off, Points, Normal)

Systemstatus, disabled response to flipper holds for now since this isn't fleshed out yet. can cause a quick animation to clear off leaving a blank screen

Tilt, could cause crash when match animation started
Tilt, not handled properly when in crypt mode

Alice, frenzy shots added
Alice, mode lights were not updated properly after mode total
Alice, monster multiplier is now applied to scores

Crypt, animation lag reduced
Crypt, first lock starts new music
Crypt, removed lock swap
Crypt, removed multi save feature
Crypt, SFX volumes increased

Ethyl, frenzy shots are in. clearing all frenzy shots puts ethyl into the last stage for a super/triple jackpot.. rinse/repeat
Ethyl, hurryup added for end of mode
Ethyl, mode lights now ending properly
Ethyl, mode total added
Ethyl, now uses frenzy amount for hurryup value
Ethyl, removed lock swap
Ethyl, score animations and scoring added
Ethyl, when dropping in from balcony, you get a 5 second runoff to collect a double/triple/super jackpot instead of a normal jackpot

Frank, cleaned up internal lock count routine
Frank, lab lock should be blinking instead of the arrow
Frank, mode start has more "flash"
Frank, quick skip was still causing an extra ball to be ejected
Frank, removed multi save feature

Igor, left scoop light cleanup
Igor, while in hurryup mode switches/lights no longer respond

Insect, animation lag fix
Insect, frenzy shots open after big bug defeated
Insect, upper pf can be used to squash bugs

Pitcreature, left subway was not responding properly
Pitcreature, mode takes priority over crypt mode now
Pitcreature, needed to make pit create mode lights higher priority than crypt mode
Pitcreature, right scoop was incrementing the collect count if it was a valid shot or not
Pitcreature, won't show the not here animation if location already visited

Vampire, animation lag removed
Vampire, case typo in get to upper playfield text
Vampire, frenzy shots added
Vampire, GI wasn't being updating properly
Vampire, mode music could initiate twice
Vampire, removed "extra" jackpot animation after 3rd stake
Vampire, timer/stake count GUI cleaned up

Zombie, conflict with ball save would trigger a zombie shot

THERE WILL BE MUCH MORE COMING SOON FOR TOTAL NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION… for now, CLICK HERE to find some documentation and the full back-story on this awesome game!



For America’s Most Haunted PRODUCTION GAME Switch & Lamp Matrix charts, CLICK HERE
For America’s Most Haunted apron cards / instructions,  CLICK HERE
For America’s Most Haunted wiring / board chart,  CLICK HERE
For Spooky Pinball game set up instructions,  CLICK HERE
For Servo Replacement Video,  CLICK HERE

Rubber sizes for AMH

4 – 2.5″ rubber
2 – 3/16″ ID rubber (small purple posts)
4 – 3/8″ OD rubber (small spike posts)
4 – 3/8″ ID rubber (star posts)
4 – post sleeves 1 1/16″
2 – Standard Flipper rubber
Mylar Placement for AMH
Mylar Placement
For the latest and greatest code for your America’s Most Haunted, simply follow the link below to Ben Heck’s AMH page… he’s developed a new “Auto Loader” program to help simplify the process. All the instructions, files, and documentation has been layed out for you.


ALSO… To finish off your code update, go into the game menu and reset everything to Factory Defaults… then adjust your coil strengths as needed. Zero is low power, 9 is high. Realistically you won’t see much coil strength reduction until you get to the lower numbers.

For Rob Zombie wiring / board chart,  CLICK HERE

For Rob Zombie lamp / switch charts (will download as a ZIP file),  CLICK HERE

For Rob Zombie Game Instruction Apron Cards,  CLICK HERE

Rubber sizes for Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International

3 – 2 1/2″
1 – 3″
3 – 3/8″ OD
3 – 1 1/16″ post sleeves
1 – 1 1/4″
1 – 3/4″
1 – 2″
2 – 3/16″
9 – 3/8″

Mylar Placement for Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie Mylar Kit


Code updates will be MUCH simpler on Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International.

Read the instructions shown below. WE CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH…. DO EVERYTHING AS EXPLAINED BELOW IN ORDER, OR YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES!!! Make absolutely sure you use the SD card from your game, and FORMAT IT AS SHOWN. Failure to do so will bomb your EEPROM and force you to send / swap a new one with us.

Download the latest stable code V024 (Media + Firmware),  CLICK HERE
*use manual update process (See image below for machine update process)


Visual update process… CLICK PHOTO FOR LARGER VIEW

Do NOT drag the update files from the zip file to the SD CARD.
Do NOT open the zip file and click “extract” to the SD CARD,

Both of these actions can and will cause the game to run in an unexpected manner, or not at all.

PinHeck Code Update Instructions.





For Latest Domino’s Code (rev 5): CLICK HERE

For Domino’s Lamp Matrix: CLICK HERE

For Domino’s Switch Matrix: CLICK HERE

For Domino’s Wiring Chart: CLICK HERE


For Latest Jetsons Code (rev 3): CLICK HERE

For Jetsons Lamp Matrix: CLICK HERE

For Jetsons Switch Matrix: CLICK HERE

For Jetsons Wiring Chart: CLICK HERE


Q – How long will it take me to get my game?
A – We are very proud that we have our games down to 1 initial payment and NOTHING more until your game is complete. No more pre-pay and wait! Total Nuclear Annihilation is now on the production line, and we’re moving as quickly as possible to deliver your games!
Q – Why do you have no 800 number for me to call?
A – Basically my cell phone is my constant customer contact. I answer emails and texts constantly… even on Sunday nights, although I might let them slide a bit during Packer games. I love talking to customers, but I also need to run the company… if I’m on the phone constantly, I get nothing done. We will take care of any and all issues asap. Usually it’s within minutes. Always it’s within 24 hours. The bulk of our customers have my phone number, and can always call if absolutely needed. Email allows our tech to think, diagnose, and send you detailed instructions, photos, charts, etc for speedy help to get you back up and flipping!
Q – What about parts? Will I be able to fix this game down the road with you being such a small company?
A – Can you get every unique part for every game ever made? Odds are with us, you will! Many of our plastic parts are 3D printed and open source. Need a new one? Download the file and print it… don’t have 3D printer access? Shoot us and email and we can make one for you now, or 20 years from now. As long as those files exist, the parts are available. We’ll always have ramps on hand for spares, and playfields / plastics can be re-made when demand is needed at any time. The bulk of our common pinball parts (flippers , pops, slings, targets, etc) are available at and are very familiar to you if you’ve ever worked on a game. Our power supplies are readily available as well should one ever fail. We kept all these things as simple as possible just for this reason.
Q – What about the board? Can it be easily serviced?
A – The PinHeck board system is designed to be user friendly… all our transistors are the same as you see on many modern games. The bulk of our chips are socket mounts to make swapping them a breeze. YES! The average tech can work on this board, and replacement boards are available if you’d like a backup. It’s a simple but powerful all in one design.
Q – What is your warranty?
A – We’ll cover parts in your game in home use for 1 year. Location use will be 90 days (same as that big pinball company). We like owners that customize their games, but please understand if you’re tapping into the wiring or board somewhere, you’re doing so at your own risk and voiding your warranty.
Q – What if I change my mind after I make my initial payment? Do I get it back?
A – Here’s the deal… we aren’t a big company with buckets of cash, so when you make your first payment, BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR PURCHASE! All games here are basically custom and made per order… From the first day at Spooky Pinball LLC, when we take your first payment it automatically goes directly into funding your game. Please don’t put money down because our games are “limited” and you want to hold a spot in line. We pride ourselves in NOT showing games until they are nearly or fully complete so you know what you’re getting before you commit. Once your initial payment is made, we consider the game yours, and you should do the same. We have had a couple customers “sell their spot in line” to friends, and we will work with you if something comes up that creates hardships… but again, your initial payment is a commitment to buy, so please treat it as such.
Thanks for reading this… our customers are EVERYTHING to this little company. We do our absolute best to be open and honest about everything we do. If you have further questions on game sales, just contact KT at For tech support help, contact Chris at For other business questions, contact Charlie anytime at
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