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Scooby Doo

Where Are You!

Latest Code – v2023.09.07.17

Coil Chart

Switch Chart


  • Hold start to reset game

  • Scooby Mode
  • Auto-plunge option added to service menu
  • Minor bugfixes


***Update Instructions***

Unlike past Spooky games, the update process is slightly different for Scooby. You can grab the latest code package from the link above. Simply put this file onto a USB flash drive (do not put it inside any folders on the drive), safely eject the drive, and insert it into the pinball machine, using either the USB port behind the coin door, or plugging directly into the PC in the head.  With the game booted and on the attract screen, enter the service menu (green button inside coin door), and navigate to SYSTEM > UPDATE SOFTWARE > (choose your code version). If you do not see your code version there, try unplugging and re-plugging the USB drive, and hit REFRESH in the service menu. When you select the desired version, the game will begin updating, and the playfield lights will breathe yellow. When the update is complete, the playfield lights will turn green. Power the game off for a moment. When turned back on, the game will take a few minutes to make backups and finalize the update. Allow the game to fully boot into attract mode, otherwise the game will revert back to the previous code version the next time it turns on.


Note that you may keep several versions of code on the USB stick, and choose in the menu which to install.


Warden Schematics

Warden Assembly Diagram


If you wish to report a code bug in scooby, you can send an email directly to with the subject “Code Bug”.


Previous Code Versions:












Code Update

How-to update video















Code Update

ACNC Manual

Update Notes:

System – log file was not clearing after an update
System – log file would copy to usb on audit dump but did not clear a flag that could prevent the game from starting
system – log file will now clear if it gets larger than 100MB
General – main screen mini map now reflects difficulty
General – mini map shows green rooms indicating a weapon is available
General – path with weapon in next room will strobe green to match color on mini map
Frank – some animation, sfx, shaker changes



Code Updates

















America’s Most Haunted

Switch matrix chart

Lamp matrix chart

Apron cards/instructions

Wiring/board chart

Game setup instructions

Servo replacement video

Code Updates

ALSO… To finish off your code update, go into the game menu and reset everything to Factory Defaults… then adjust your coil strengths as needed. Zero is low power, 9 is high.

Rubber Sizes:

– 2.5″ rubber

2 – 3/16″ ID rubber (small purple posts)

4 – 3/8″ OD rubber (small spike posts)

4 – 3/8″ ID rubber (star posts)

4 – post sleeves 1 1/16″

2 – Standard Flipper rubber

Mylar placement:


Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International

Wiring/board chart

Lamp matrix chart

Switch matrix chart

Apron cards/instructions

Code update instructional video

Code Updates – V026 – See below for update process

-Do NOT use a Mac system to format your SD CARD. Use Windows 7/10.

-Do NOT drag the contents of the zip file directly to the SD CARD. You must extract the zip file to a folder on your computer first, then you may drag the files from that folder to the SD card.

-Do NOT extract the zip file directly to the SD card.

-Do NOT pull the SD card immediately after files copy. Right click on the SD card from the ‘Computer’ window, and select ‘eject’. Windows will tell you if it’s ok to remove the SD card.

-Skipping any of these actions can and will cause the game to run in an unexpected manner, or not at all.

Rubber sizes:

3 – 2 1/2″

1 – 3″

3 – 3/8″ OD

3 – 1 1/16″ post sleeves

1 – 1 1/4″

1 – 3/4″

1 – 2″

2 – 3/16″

9 – 3/8″


Mylar Placement: