Catastrophic Failure

Sometimes things go really bad, your game won’t load and the screen will remain black, or show an error, or you’ll see a gray BIOS screen or some other issue. This can be a problem with the mini PC but it might also just be a problem with the software, and this can be fixed by “re-imaging” your mini-pc which will get you back to a working state and then you can update to the latest code as normal.

Here’s the re-image process for Scooby:


  1. Download the Scooby base image >here<
  2. Unzip the contents of your download and copy to a new, or freshly formatted USB drive
  3. Safely eject the USB drive once the file transfer is complete
  4. Plug the USB into your game (direct into mini pc or into coin door USB extension is fine) while it is off and turn it on to start the process, it should automatically start.
  5. You’ll see “Clonezilla” and it will take a fair while doing things, be patient. Finally you’ll see a reboot menu with three options (Power off, Reboot and CMD), just turn your game off, unplug the USB and turn the game on again
  6. It should load the base image and only the service menu will be accessible. You can then download the latest game software version online, and install the update following the normal update procedure