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The strange and unusual story of Spooky Pinball, or… How we accidentally became a pinball manufacturer.

We started life as a podcast on April 1st, 2010. Just a happy little pinball collecting family that wanted to have fun and fill the void of nobody doing pinball podcasts at that time. Since then, the pinball podcast boom has really taken off, and while we are no longer podcasting today, we’re still here in a whole different capacity. In 2011 we took a custom game to the Midwest Gaming Classic. Didn’t think much of it; just a father and son with a love for Godzilla doing a re-theme of an old game. Charlie was lucky enough to work in the print industry and had access to some of the best people and equipment on the planet. Industry people gathered around this machine at this very show, and began asking questions. This lead to a few phone calls and a whole lot of testing that eventually landed Charlie dragging his employer into being a pinball supplier. Happy times for a pinball man! But at the same time, it also lead Charlie to meet Ben Heck, a crazy mod guy who also shared a passion for pinball. He didn’t want to re-theme games, he wanted to build them from the ground up.

He needed Charlie’s help, and Charlie certainly needed his. On Feb. 1st of 2013, Spooky Pinball LLC was born. For a time, we were one of only three companies on this planet shipping pinball games, and couldn’t be prouder. Ben Heck’s “America’s Most Haunted” officially sold out. “Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International” doubled our first game sales numbers and also sold out which allowed us to build our very own shop in 2016! We followed these two games by making over 200 machines for Domino’s Pizza and the Pinball Company. These four games really got us off the ground, and positioned us to compete in the industry, with multiple best show / game of the year awards for “Total Nuclear Annihilation”, and “Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle”! Subsequently, “Rick and Morty” propelled us into another orbit, allowing us to go on to produce two dream themes, “Halloween” and “Ultraman”, which have proven to be more popular than we could have imagined. Quite a happy start for a small shop trying to do things a little differently (or a LOT differently)! Our facility is at 50 Easy St, Benton, WI; a town of only one thousand people. We love our small town roots and style, and there’s no place on earth we’d rather base our company!

Corwin "Bug" Emery

Creative Director

Game Design

Host of Bug’s Scream N’ Stream

Email: bug@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-0054


Spooky Luke

Chief Operating Officer

Game Design

Email: spookyluke@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-0054


Morgan Emery

Head of Sales and Customer Relations

Email: squirrel@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-0054


Spooky AJ

Lead Service Technician

Email: service@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-4940


Luke Peters

Director of Rules and Code Development

Email: lpeters82@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-0054


Spooky DJ

Hardware/Software Engineering

Email: dj@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-0054


Donna White

Head of Shipping and Receiving

Email: shipping@spookypinball.com

Phone: 815-541-0054


Tory Raisbeck

Quality Control Management

Phone: 815-541-0054


Adam Fleege

Service Technician

Production Lead

Phone: 815-541-00054


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