Why “Spooky Pinball”??? It’s just the shows host & creator Charlie’s way of combining his two passions… Pinball, and all things Spooky! Fortunately these two worlds work very well together.

Our basement use to be the traditional empty storage space, until about the year 1999… when a lone pinball machine worked it’s way down there. It got played to death all by itself… when suddenly it dawned on us. You could get more than one of these machines and have a choice! Over the next decade, lots of choices came along, and so did two kids, a couple dogs, an addition on the house to fit more games in the place… it actually created quite the “monster”!


Now there are 21 pinball machines, plus more dead games in storage that need to be brought back to life at some point! But it didn’t stop there… The family couldn’t live on pinball alone (unlike dad) so new toys had to get added to the mix. Like a couple arcade drivers, a multicade, Megatouch, and best of all… a 16 foot long “Big Ball Bowler”!


With a horror based theme of the basement fully in place, the “Pintastic Monster Arcade and Bowl-O-Rama” was born. We’ll never call it complete, because they never really are. It’s a terribly fun addiction, and a hobby that not only brings great personal satisfaction, but great rewards… like having tons of friends over to play these games!




So that’s the story… Pinball hasn’t taken over our lives, just added to it. We’ve made tons of friends from all over the country that we love to get together with and share this passion. In 2010 we started “The Spooky Pinball Podcast” as a way to just have fun and share the pinball love with the entire world… we had no idea if 10 people would listen, or 10,000. Honestly, as long as we were enjoying this project, it didn’t really matter. This care free attitude carried into the show, and that is what I believe has taken this podcast far beyond what we ever envisioned it could become… So we hope you enjoy this site for what it is, family and friends that share the love of the entire pinball hobby. Thanks for taking the time to read this little story, and enjoy the podcasts!

Charlie… August 4, 2011

But wait…!

On Feb. 1st of 2014… Spooky Pinball LLC was created. We’re now making games and have taken the hobby into the business world. We’re still the same small group of family and friends and hope we always stay that way. We’re doing our best to put out quality pinball machines you’ll enjoy for years to come. What does the future hold for Spooky Pinball LLC? Just wait and see!


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