About Us

Charlie... Your Host

 Charlie, your host…

He was conceived over a 1963 Gottlieb “Square Head”
pinball machine located in the back of an all night
laundromat. So we guess you could say pinball was
in his blood from day one. From humble beginnings,
he rose up to become… really goofy. Then he met
his lovely wife K.T…. They settled down and
had two kids by natural means, and about 20
pinball machines by any means necessary.
Happy-go-lucky barely covers this nut job.


K.T... Co-Host

K.T... Co-Host

 K.T., the lovely assistant…

Part Star Wars geek, part Bettie Page,
all sweetness… K.T. is the ultimate in
understanding pinball wives… Born of
vampire / moonshiner royalty in Kentucky,
she had the misfortune of biting Charlie on
a blind date. It back-flowed and she became
addicted to him… LUCKY BASTARD! If we
could clone her, they’d be worth more
at expo than a dozen new in box Medieval
Madness games. She can’t go more than
3 hours without her Megatouch table top game
or she reverts back to her vampire form.



Blue Shirt - Science Officer

Blue Shirt - Science Officer

Blue Shirt, the newbie…

A fresh graduate of the starfleet
academy, Blue Shirt spends a lot
of time figuring out who was
greater… Kirk or Picard. For
now he toils in pinball newbie
land… still fixing his first game.
Once he gets the mechanics
down, he’ll add a transporter to
the game and probably beam
out of here. He’s still stuck in his
red shirt hoping not to die first on
some silly mission, but hopes to
work into the “Blue Shirt” science officer uniform
like his hero, Mr. Spock. “Live Long And Prosper!”


Bug & Squirrel

 Bug and Squirrel – Advertising Dept.
The youngest advertising department on planet
pinbot, or the entire galaxy! The offspring of
Charlie & K.T… They both consider the other the
“dork” of the family. Dad actually holds that title,
but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
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