*NEW IN BOX READY TO SHIP STANDARD CABINET* Scooby-Doo: Collector’s Edition Initial Payment ($2000)

*NEW IN BOX READY TO SHIP STANDARD CABINET* Scooby-Doo: Collector’s Edition Initial Payment ($2000)


*NEW IN BOX READY TO SHIP STANDARD CABINET* Scooby-Doo: Collector’s Edition Initial Payment ($2000). MSRP (before taxes if applicable and shipping) $9769


*NEW IN BOX READY TO SHIP STANDARD CABINET* Initial payment locks in your order and we will follow up with you for additional information!

Scooby Doo Collector's Edition $9769 plus tax and shipping when applicable (Shipping will be calculated when ready to ship) Scooby-Doo by Spooky Pinball is a nostalgic and exciting addition to any pinball collection. This widebody pinball machine is based on the classic cartoon "Scooby-Doo: Where are You?". The game features original clips from the show music from Matt “Count D” Montgomery and custom speech from talented voice actors: Frank Welker Matthew Lillard Kate Micucci Grey Griffin and Scott Innes. Players will be drawn into the world of Mystery Inc. Whether you're a fan of the classic cartoon or just love pinball Scooby-Doo is sure to deliver an unmasking pinball experience. The Collector's Edition is our highest tier package and will be built before all other packages. This package features:

  • Exclusive Exterior Art Package by Matt Frank & Jeff Zornow
  • Real Back glass
  • Exclusive Villain Topper
  • Ghoulish Green Powder Coat Exterior Package - Legs Armor Hinges Apron and Coin Door
  • Custom Laser Cut “Creeper” Armor
  • Custom Laser Cut “Zombie & Scooby Chase” Speaker Grills
  • Lighted Speaker Grills
  • Custom Scooby Dog Tag Launch Button
  • Sculpt - Charlie the Robot
  • Sculpt - Miner 49er Minecart
  • Sculpt - Scooby Doo Minecart
  • Sculpt - Black Knight
  • Sculpt - Gold Mine Entrance
  • Sign - Abandoned Airfield
  • Full Color LEDs
  • Full Color Action Button
  • Full Color Flipper Buttons
  • Color Coated Habit rails (Matching the 5-Members of Mystery Inc.)
  • Ghoulish Green Plastic Protectors
  • Interior Graphics
  • Target Decals
  • Knocker Kit
  • Shaker Kit
  • Coin Box
  • Numbered Plaque
  • NEW! Custom Pin gulp 3.0 (Thank You Gift)

Please Note: $2000 is the initial payment for your Collector's Edition. You will be billed the remainder of the balance just before your machine goes on the line. Only place a payment if you intend to go through with your purchase. Your initial payment is non-refundable and cannot be transferred towards a different machine. Initial Payment and Liquidated Damages Buyer shall pay to Spooky Pinball upon execution of this Contract an amount equal to Two Thousand U.S. Dollars ($2000.00) as a first payment towards the pinball machine. In the event Buyer fails to purchase the pinball machine as provided or breaches the Contract in any other manner in lieu of actual damages for such failures the Buyer agrees that liquidated damages may be assessed and recovered by Spooky Pinball as against Buyer in the event of failed completion of the purchase of the pinball machine and without Spooky Pinball being required to present evidence of the amount or character of actual damages sustained by reason thereof. It is acknowledged and agreed that the failure by Buyer as identified in this contract (the “Buyer”) to complete the purchase of the pinball machine from Spooky Pinball LLC (“Spooky Pinball”) as provided in this contract (the “Contract”) will cause Spooky Pinball to incur economic damages. Therefore, Buyer shall be liable to Spooky Pinball for the payment of liquidated damages in the amount of Two Thousand U.S. Dollars ($2000.00) for the failure of Buyer to complete its purchase of the pinball machine and Buyer shall forfeit its Two Thousand U.S. Dollar first payment and such amount shall be paid to Spooky Pinball as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.  Such liquidated damages are intended to represent estimated actual damages and are not intended as a penalty and Buyer shall pay them to Spooky Pinball without limiting Spooky Pinball’s right to terminate this contract for default.