Ultraman – Kaiju Rumble!

Latest Version

We always recommend running the latest code as it will have more features and be the best game experience.



  • added new menu option “BUMP BALTANS” to turn on and off the effect where they move a tiny bit when their target is hit.
  • Baltan Multiball restart: have tweaked the timing on this so both balls don’t arrive at your flippers at the exact same time.
  • in the attract mode, opening credits “swirl” was being cut off just a bit before the end, it plays the whole clip now.
  • Bemular mode instruction text was overlapping some other text, that’s been fixed
  • The third Bemular progress light in the middle of the playfield goes red now when you’ve scored a Super Jackpot
  • once this update is installed, if in future your computer adds some extra characters to your update file name such as “(1)” it won’t be fussy any more and the update will still work. Note this update will still want it exactly right, but you can be a bit more relaxed in the future
  • Baltan Multiball Super Jackpot has been increased to 2M x balls in play
  • Jirahs Multiball Super Jackpot limit of 5M has now been removed, you can boost it even higher before collecting it.
  • if you set the REPLAY AWARD to “extra ball” on the attract screen it will say “EXTRA BALL AT {score}” instead of “REPLAY AT…”
  • The LIFTER SHAKE menu option wasn’t working, it now is and will cause a small shake when balls are ejected to the flippers.
  • changed the limits on the menu option “MODES NEEDED FOR PIGMON MB” to allow 1-5.
  • The ball save light between the flippers should be better, on and off at the right times. This might still need some future tweaks.
  • bonus screen font size has been increased
  • transitions between screens and videos will be a lot smoother now with less flashing
  • trough ball eject issue: trough logic tweaked to wait a bit longer for a ball to arrive to the shooter lane before trying again.
  • skillshot at the drop bank is now a bit tougher – you have to get *only* the right one down, the one next to it as well won’t be good enough


Previous versions



  • remember Mac users who have already installed v1.10 don’t need to do anything special from now on, just copy the update file to a USB and plug it in to start the update as normal.
  • Neronga mode added – battle him while at the same time keeping Tokyo’s power stations at full power! Will you last 3 rounds and defeat him, or keep going for more points as the battle intensifies!
  • audio overhaul, including all callouts and sounds have been re-balanced, there are new settings (see below) in the menu for tweaking things to get them just how you want.
  • New menu settings for audio under STANDARD:
    • MUSIC VOLUME % (values: 0-100, default 50) this is the baseline for all other sounds to then be louder or quieter than.
    • SFX MOD % (values -95 to +95, default -50) want your whooshes and “yah!’s louder? This is the setting for you. You can make it up or down from the base music volume above.
    • VOICE MOD % (values -95 to +95, default -10) voices include callouts and the sound that accompanies video clips
    • MULTIBALL SONG MOD % (values -95 to +95, default 10) boost your Pigmon Multiball song so it’s extra loud! Or if streaming and don’t want to be dinged for copyright, you can turn this down.
    • the recommended order for adjusting your audio is: use the coin door volume switches to set that halfway, set the master volume on the amp (furthest knob) so that it sounds about halfway of what you want, then use the menu settings above for fine tuning
  • video system overhaul. Faster transitions between videos for a smoother experience
  • lots of new callouts and lots more to come.
  • ball eject system now more robust. If a ball doesn’t kick out correctly, retries are more effective and power is increased temporarily if necessary. If you see balls coming out too fast and bouncing back in, you need to go into the COIL SETTINGS menu and lower TROUGH (one notch at a time and retest is best)
  • after Zetton progress is reset so you can keep going with more modes and multiballs and really crank the points
  • ball trough test in menu, allows you to see trough switches, eject and launch balls
  • instructional text has been made easier to read and more consistent throughout the game. Lots of thing made more clear. More text still to come.
  • end of ball music and lightshows are all back
  • aspect ratio of videos has been fixed, some were playing a little squashed horizontally
  • bug fix: hold start to reset game will now release a locked Science Patrol ball
  • bug fix: extra text was sometimes remaining on screen after game over
  • bug fix: holding the right flipper wasn’t pausing the ball search
  • bug fix: if you were holding the flipper when “flipper training” kicked in, the flipper ended up down, now it doesn’t
  • crash fix: if the connection to the Nano board that drives the speaker and topper lights is unplugged, it is now fine.
  • crash fix: some users were reporting that games were crashing after being left on for a long time, that should be fixed now
  • crash fix: if you did really well in Pestar it might crash – not any more



download v1.10

  • added all the core stuff from Halloween’s v1.09 update, including:
    • we now default to the best skillshot still changeable with the flippers
    • fixed typos
    • awarding a credit now for new high score or grand champion
    • standard settings now has option to turn shaker off
    • standard settings now has option to turn topper off
    • hold the start button to restart the game
  • Science Patrol Multiball
    • Science Patrol Multiball is now a featured 2-ball multiball. Orange shots award jackpots. Science Patrol target awards super jackpot and increases jackpot values.
    • Science Patrol Multiball is stackable with other modes and multiballs.
    • 2x scoring when Science Patrol Multiball is running.
    • qualifying shots for Science Patrol Multiball collect Science Patrol members and will spawn hurry-up orange shots at the arrows to qualify upcoming expert mode. Collecting members will help you in with modes in a future updates.
  • Gomora (EASY mode) tweaked shots are now ramp standups + ramps, followed by hurry-up
  • lots of new footage and sounds
  • bonus screen had an extra line that did nothing so we took it out for now
  • ball search includes the right lifter now
  • tilt warning would sometimes say “last warning” when you still had warnings left
  • your USBs will now be freed up from “empty” log files being copied every time you put them in. Now they’ll only appear if something actually went wrong. So if you see one, please email it to matt@spookypinball.com, thanks!
  • crash screen (hopefully you never see this!) has much more useful information, if you can take a photo and send it to matt@spookypinball.com that would be amazing. Lots of extra code robustness added, and better error handling throughout the game
  • cleaned out the menu option “servo settings” that didn’t do anything
  • menu option to turn extra balls off (option to turn off ballsave coming soon)
  • menu option to turn shaker motor off
  • menu option to turn topper off
  • menu option to turn off replays and the replay text
  • lots more behind the scenes improvements and optimizations
  • when in pay-to-play mode, credits wont be used past four players (pesky kids won’t be such an issue any more)

Improvements AFTER this update is installed:

  • Mac users can update as easily as everyone else going forward (see new details on the update page https://www.spookypinball.com/game-support/hwn-um-update-process/ for how Mac users can install updates in the meantime)
  • Machine settings will be saved across updates in future (unless they’ve been moved or changed in some way)



download v1.08a

  • Right subway ball eject routines redone
  • Jirahs mode ending didn’t force full game light update
  • Jirahs mode game feature added to adjust difficulty related to Ultramans health decay
  • Spacium store, extra ball was not awarding collection properly
  • “Skillshot Clear” option renamed to “Timed Plunge”
  • sling power was not applying the correct value at the right time
  • menu/start button added into switch test
  • outlane save store item feature changed a bit and also updates its lights properly
  • wizard mode was not stopping any existing ballsave timers that were currently running
  • Baltan mode progress saves up to the restart hurryup phase
  • Baltan videos were blocked off on mb restart, but never restored properly on super jackpot collection
  • If voice volume boost setting is 0, music ducking does not get used
  • store/mode select music changes