Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #99

So the family and some fine people from the west coast finally got Charlie on a plane and to California for the first time ever! Thanks to everyone at the Golden State Pinball Festival for the hospitality and hosting us at what is an incredible show. We also managed to sneak in 2 days of vacation at Disneyland (thanks to a great friend) and went to Las Vegas for more work to make sure Spooky Pinball LLC has some cool product coming your way for the next several years to come! You’ll get interviews from the show, road reports from the family, a visit from E.M Dungeon dweller James, and Danni will tell you all about how to navigate the classic horror game Tales From the Crypt! Yet another Total Nuclear Annihilated prize from Pinball Life tops off what is the 99th consecutive monthly podcast for team Spooky. Make sure you come back next month for something special on our 100th episode special!