Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #92

Yep… it’s Halloween (or was yesterday) at the Spooky Pinball LLC world HQ, which means … lots of weird things! Bug and I decided to mix things up by playing a game of stump the horror movie pinball nerd, Terry from Pinball Life is giving away a cool Total Nuclear Annihilation prize, and of course the E.M. Dungeon master is back for another episode. Returning once again to the Spooky Pinball podcast is Eric from JJP. Eric will be discussing the incredibly well received new Pirates of the Caribbean game that appears to have made some serious waves in the pinball industry, ON HIS FIRST GAME!!! What is it with these young pinball designers these days?! Speaking of which, we’ll go over the Total Nuclear Annihilation launch party (see, another young designer!) and talk about all sorts of spooky Halloween goodness. Tune in, turn on, and get spooky loyal listeners!