Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #90

As Spooky prepares for fall and switching up the production line yet again, we’re taking time to talk to a true legend in pinball… Wayne Neyens! Mr. Neyens was making pinball machines LOOONG before the rest of us knew how to work a flipper button. As he celebrates his 99th birthday, our E.M. Dungeon master sits down with Wayne for a special 2 part interview on his storied history in the industry we love. Special thanks to Pinball Magazine for helping with this one. Also we’ll hear from “Night Mutilator” as we completely shift gears to learn about the 5th annual “Pinball Tournament of Death”… brought to you by Pinside and Bloodshed Deathbath. Pinball Life is also giving away a Total Nuclear Annihilation shaker motor kit because they are awesome… so yep, this is an eclectic mix of a show for the ages!