Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #86

SPP_86May 1st is here, spring is in the air, new construction at the Spooky Pinball world HQ has begun, and there is MUCH to talk about! You’ll hear how the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic went for team Spooky (here’s a hint… it went VERY well!). You’ll also hear about Charlie and KT’s travels to Phoenix to attend the Flippin’ With the Greats charity pinball tourney in conjunction with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock foundation. We got to spend some time with Alice Cooper himself, and even came home with some autographed goodies to give away on the show! Perhaps the biggest news to ever quietly come from Spooky Pinball, is explained this month with our very special guest, Scott Danesi… to say we are thrilled and excited about this announcement is an understatement, so listen in and share the pinball goodness with us! Toss in another great prize from the awesome folks at Pinball Life, the EM Dungeon, and lots of Spooky babble, and you’ve got … well something anyway. Enjoy!