Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #84

PrintWhat terror lurks… in the deepest darkest parts of Australia? Could this terror ever work its way to the United States and infiltrate PINBALL ITSELF??? Tune in this month to hear the incredible spooky tale of … THE BUNYIP! Yes, our animator David Van Es has a long history of pinball that literally spans the globe, and you’ll get to hear some awesome stories about him not only creating dots in several of our games, but also being set on fire and occasionally hit by a car. Things you do in Australia for fun apparently. You’ll also hear Bug & Charlie talk about the up coming trip to The Texas Pinball Festival, Things That Go Bump In the Night, Rob Zombie game #300 at the Midwest Gaming Classic, and the up coming Dead FlipTotal Annihilation” show. Pinball Life gives away a REALLY cool prize, and of course you’ll enter the E.M. Dungeon. Listen to this months show… if you dare!!!