Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #83

jetsons flyerWell the Bug-cast has hit Feb. 1st, which means it’s been 4 years since Spooky Pinball LLC launched… and hey, we’re still here! Let’s celebrate by talking to Ed VanderVeen from the Texas Pinball Festival, and hear all the goodness that will be a part of the 2017 show. Did we mention Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) and Sam Jones will be there?! It’s almost like a pinball festival comic-con of greatness! James is back as your E.M. Dungeon master, Charlie and Bug talk about the recent Jetsons pinball release for The Pinball Company, and of course you’ll continue your adventures with LIONMAN!!! To add more awesomeness, Terry from Pinball Life is back for another year of sponsorship and giving away free stuff, and Jonathan from Pinball Magazine is giving away a free copy of his latest BOOK! (he calls it a magazine, but he’s not fooling anyone). Kick back, toss a drink in your PinGulp, and enjoy the show!

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