Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #82

spp82Here we are… 2017 is at hand, and it’s time for new resolutions. Ours is to make what we’ve built the foundation for what will be THE BEST SMALL PINBALL COMPANY EVER! We also promise to keep the Spooky Pinball Bug-cast the fun, silly, informative, and borderline educational podcast it was always meant to be. We don’t just toot our own horn, we’ll ring the bell for anyone who takes the business we love in a great direction. You’re going to meet a young man from Jersey Jack Pinball who many of you don’t know… but you should, and you’ll learn why right here as we interview Eric Meunier, who has some HUGE NEWS for you! We’ll also hear from your favorite E.M. Dungeon Master, and of course Pinball Life is giving away another fantastic prize. Buckle up, hang on… and enjoy the wild ride that 2017 promises to be!