Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #72

PrintAfter a short month of really hard work, Spooky Pinball the game maker is set up in our new shop. Trust me… making games while moving is a lot harder than it looks.  But never fear, because we still found time to gather a podcast for your listening to us ramble on needs! This month, we hear from Ed VanderVeen of the world famous Texas Pinball Festival. Ed even brings his kids along to talk to Bug about all sorts of things, and of course we cover all the goodness going on at the show. James is back to talk bowling & pinball on the E.M. Dungeon, and of course Terry from Pinball Life has a fantastic prize in store for you… just for listening, because he’s that damn nice. So there you have it… after 6 years of podcasts, we still manage to find a few things to talk about on this show!