Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #69

SPP69Happy horror days and merry Crypt-mas! On this months show we talk to Adam Gacek from Domino’s Pizza about the (yes, it’s real) Spooky Pinball / Domino’s Pizza pinball project! Like the world didn’t know pinball people love pizza…? We’re just bringing those two worlds even closer together. KT, Bug, and Charlie ramble on about lots of things, and we also get to give away a Pin-Vol External volume control from the always in the giving holiday spirit guy Terry at Pinball Life. Add to that the E.M. Dungeon, and the conclusion of Bug’s tale of the Rob Zombie Pinball game adventure, and you won’t be returning this show for store credit anytime soon! P.S… sorry for the slight audio issue, we’ll fix that.