Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #68

SPP68Well what a month it’s been ghosts & ghouls. The AMH #150 charity auction was a huge success (thanks Richard From D&R Plumbing!), we survived the trip to Pinball Expo and back, and the new Spooky Pinball world HQ is under way! Like that isn’t enough pinball goodness, we took the Rob Zombie Spookshow International pinball prototype to Rob Zombie himself. You’ll hear one really nervous host interview Rob, and we’ll talk about his game and pinball in general. As if having my musical monster hero on the show isn’t enough, we’ll also hear from horror host legend and the auctioneer of our charity game… Svengoolie! A new segment this month introduces the “Pinball Gadget of the Month”, and to top it off… Terry from Pinball Life is going to give this particular gadget to a lucky listener. That’s it… have a happy Halloween, and STAY SPOOKY!