Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #65

SPP65Charlie is up to his eyeballs in Rob Zombie pinball art file set-up work this month, so Bug and Squirrel have taken over the bulk of the show. As the farm families around Benton can tell you, it’s good to have kids who can help ya’ get work done! This month thanks to listener questions, we learn more about Charlie than you probably ever wanted to know. Joe from PinballSTAR brings on his buddy Mike to talk a whole lot about pinball flyers and some really famous custom golf / pinball games and the story behind them. Terry from Pinball Life gives away a set of those Bryan Kelly world famous Pinfooties, and I’d tell you more about the show in these notes but hey, I haven’t heard it yet. Spooky Pinball Podcast… this month, it’s kids stuff.