Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #64

PrintWhat a month it’s been… Denver and the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown was a blast, and the announcement we made left our little company about a mile high. Yes, it’s official… Spooky Pinball is making “Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International“. As life long Rob Zombie fans, we couldn’t be more excited… to say the least, and we’ll tell you all we can about this project on this show. We’ll also hear from a brand new pinball voice artist, Sid Haig! Yep, Sid will be in our pinball game with all new custom speech for everyone’s favorite psychotic clown, Captain Spaulding. We’ll also hear a little more from Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies, who treated Charlie, KT, Bug, and Squirrel to a fine night out on the Last Summer On Earth tour. If that wasn’t enough coolness, we also hear from Zombie Yeti himself, Jeremy Packer on the PinballSTAR of the month segment. Toss in a cool prize from Pinball Life, and hear Charlie sing Bug’s new jingle for Pinball Metal… a new sponsor on the show. Trust us, you’ll survive it.