Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #53

SPP53We’re late… we’re late… for a very important… uh, well not date, but show air time anyway. This month we hear from Mark (aka Sparky) from Sparky Pinball. Sparky is talking about his new MDM’s… what’s an MDM? Listen to the show, visit his website, and see these cool little beauties for yourself. We also talk to Joe Newhart from PinballSTAR about ANOTHER WoZ going to ANOTHER children’s hospital. Kudos to Joe and everyone who helped make this happen AGAIN! Terry from Pinball Life gives away yet another great prize… KT makes us dinner, and Bug and I talk a little Godzilla & pinball. Look.. up in the sky, it’s a flipper, it’s a crazy busy dude, it’s Spooky Pinball Podcast #53!