Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #40

AugContest40 shows… where does the time go?! This month we unleash the “Alecia Crowley Art Contest“… With very special thanks to our sponsors for their very generous prizes. You can still enter, but you need to do so quickly to maximize your voting time! One lucky winner will get a Stern Shaker Motor kit from Pinball Life, a Stern Speaker Upgrade kit from Flipper Fidelity, and not one but TWO iPods from PinballSTAR Amusements. Speaking of which, Joe is back this month with Jeff, his pinball “picker” buddy. We also hear from Travis at Twisted Pins, who explains more about the trials and tribulations of making that elusive Whitewater Topper. To top it off, you’re going to hear from John and David, and their super ambitious project, “The Museum of Pinball“. Think of it as a crazy camp for pinball guys and you’ve scratched the surface of what they’re attempting to make a reality. We wish them nothing but the best, and check out THIS VIDEO to take a peek at what they’re up to. Click here to see the Museum’s Kickstarter page. Happy 4th of July, and hope you enjoy the show!