Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #37

MGC2013Well sadly, the Midwest Gaming Classic of 2013 is behind us… but we hope you enjoy the crazy sounds of what once was. We love this show for a lot of reasons, and this years was the best ever! We hear from Steve Ritchie who had the good sense to finally sum up Bryan Kelly is just a few words. You’ll hear a duet from Charlie and Ben Heck. Bug jams out on drums, while KT and Squirrel actually work. Not to mention we get to chat with Greg & Dennis, Eric from Cactus Canyon Continued, Ivan from Pinfest, and a whole lot of other cool people. We’ve got some great prizes this month from all our sponsors… Pinball Life, Flipper Fidelity, and PinballSTAR Amusements! Bust out the AC/DC albums and fire up the pinball machines, because this episode of Spooky Pinball ROCKS!!!