Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #35

SPLogoWell… what can we say. It’s the craziest, happiest, scariest, wildest thing we’ve ever done. Yep, Spooky Pinball is now more than just a podcast, we’re a full fledged pinball company! We can’t do this alone, and we know that… so thanks to our partners, Pinball Life and Flipper Fidelity! Not to mention Ben Heck, Dennis Nordman, and a cast of characters to good to believe! Also this month, we visit with Ed from The Texas Pinball Festival, and Dan from The Midwest Gaming Classic. We also have Joe from PinballSTAR Amusements back with his buddy Paul to learn all about Virtuapin.net. Just for fun, we toss in a pinball game against Ben Heck & J Pop, and Bryan Kelly gets stuck in an airport. In the words of a famous beer brand…. HERE WE GO!!!