Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #34

Happy New Year pinball people! As we begin 2013, and end 2012… we’d like to thank the Myan’s for allowing the world to survive. You can tell we didn’t really expect this to happen by the quality of the Bryan Kelly segments (yes… SEGMENTS) on this months show. We’d like to personally apologize to Pinball Life, Flipper Fidelity, PinballSTAR Amusements, and stress that the views and opinions of anyone associated with Bryan Kelly, let alone Bryan Kelly himself, do not represent those of us here at Spooky Pinball… or any sane person for that matter. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Oh, and we do have actual interviews with Jersey Jack, and get to meet the new official baby of the Spooky Pinball Podcast, Otter! See, it’s not all bad. Really… no, REALLY!