Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #33

Ahhh, the holidays are upon us. We couldn’t decide what to give all our loyal listeners, so we’re going with giving you a free podcast! Hope you enjoy it. This month we interview Wally… the man who made his own Medieval Madness. We announce the winners of last months photo contests, thanks to Pinball Life & Flipper Fidelity. Joe Newhart from PinballSTAR Amusements stops in with his PinballSTAR of the month, the one and only J Pop! We have a new and actually informative segment called “The EM Dungeon”… big thanks to Jim Willing for that. There are some sound bites from Ben Heck’s “Ghost Squad” with the Spooky Pinabll staff & Dennis Nordman. We’ve got some prizes to stuff your stockings with, and to top it off, Charlie & friends go on a road trip to see Bryan Kelly and wind up having to be rescued. Spooky Pinball… Clark, it’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.