Spooky Pinball Podcast Show #18

It’s an experiment… IN FEAR! This month, we go waaaay off track and turn our little podcast into an old time radio pinball horror show. And to make matters entirely better, we have a bunch of guys from Jersey Jack Pinball help us with the madness. Special thanks to Joe Balcer, Jack Guarnieri, Greg Freres… and especially Dennis Nordman who played a very crucial role… without even knowing it! You will also get to hear a serious interview with Joe Balcer on the progress being made with the Wizard Of Oz Pinball machine. We also road trip to a friends house to play the new Tron pinball from Stern. To top it all off… Bryan Kelly finally becomes more than our favorite guy to mention, and actually becomes part of Spooky Pinball as our zen master. This show was a ton of work, and we sure hope it’s worth it! Turn off your lights, kick back, and party like it’s 1939!