Halloween approaches and so does the Pinball Life Open House!!! You’ll hear all about the not 1 but 2 games going up for auction to help support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Yep, you’ll be able to take home a very special Total Nuclear Annihilation, as well as a VERY special game from our friends at Chicago Gaming Company. Terry from Pinball Life is giving away an Open House T-shirt to a lucky listener just for fun! Danni is here to tell you how to battle The Shadow, and of course James is still locked in the E.M. Dungeon. Add in an interview with Ryan who will be heading to Pinball Expo with their Haunted Horrorhouse Fest for the first time ever, and some details about our very own Spooky Pinball Fang Club… and you’ve got some serious October Spooky goodness!