Apr 012018

We’re off to the Texas Pinball Festival, and holy leaping pinballs what a weekend! The Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle reveal went so well it was scary, and Scott Danesi’s Total Nuclear Annihilation game continues to pile up the awards. This time Scott landed the Pinball News 2017 GAME OF THE YEAR trophy! Congrats to Scott as always, and thanks to Martin for the trophy! We’ll talk all about the TPF adventure, the road trip down and back, the new game, and prepping for the Midwest Gaming Classic in just a couple weeks. Also this month we’ll hear a new segment from a special young gal who just might teach you a thing or two about pinball rules… Danni Peck from New Zealand. Toss in the usual goodness of prizes from Pinball Life, the EM Dungeon, and some weird stuff you’ll have to hear for yourself and you’ve got an April shower of pinball goodness.

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Mar 012018

A show 8 years in the making… on this episode of the Spooky Pinball podcast we have the usual banter between Charlie and Bug, and bring in Robert and Jay from Double Danger Pinball to discuss the coolest pinball paraphernalia purveyor on the planet! Pinball Life is giving away a super set of interior graphic protectors (they really work, we use them here in production even!) Our Spooky Pinball Twitter master, Bug is stepping it up a notch and bringing you some fun and funny new goodness, and of course we have the usual cast of characters to hopefully keep you entertained and who knows, maybe even a little informed. Flip away pinball people!

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Feb 012018

As Spooky Pinball the company starts our 5th year of business, we move the podcast 1 show closer to 8 years of goofy pinball entertainment. As Total Nuclear Annihilation moves closer to our all time sales record, we bring back Scott Danesi to share some stories and talk all about the process that went in to making something incredibly rare… an entire pinball game soundtrack available to the masses! Plus, its been released on cassette (it’s Scott, go figure) as well as all your favorite steaming services. We’ll also hear from E.M. Dungeon Master James Willing, as he takes up his normal SLOT with a slight deviation (all pun intended). We’ll even be giving away a TnA cassette to a lucky listener just for fun, courtesy of Pinball Life! Kick back, put your flippers up, and enjoy the random banter.

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Jan 012018

It’s 2018… and the worlds longest running pinball podcast is back for our 8th consecutive year! This month, Bug and KT are taking over the show while Charlie is off chasing a Bunyip. You’ll hear from our Aussie animator while your hosts go over the wildness that was 2017 and give you some sneak peaks into what’s planned for the upcoming year. Toss in the usual generosity of Pinball Life, and you’ll have the gift that keeps on giving the whole year Clark. Welcome to 2018… Spooky Pinball Podcast style!


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Dec 012017

Ladies and gentlemen, flippers and butts up for the one, the only, Jack Danger! Jack and his often on air cohort Krystle join us this month for a little back story on Dead Flip and some flippin’ fun! You’ll also get the usual amount of Spooky madness with Bug & Charlie, hear about the long overdue Spooky Pinball Twitter goodness, get the EM Dungeon… and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get not 1 but 2 free prizes this month! The big one being some Meltdown Mirrors from Pinball Life for your Total Nuclear Annihilation. Did we mention they’ll be free to 1 lucky listener??? Merry New Holidaymas everyone!!!

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Nov 012017

Yep… it’s Halloween (or was yesterday) at the Spooky Pinball LLC world HQ, which means … lots of weird things! Bug and I decided to mix things up by playing a game of stump the horror movie pinball nerd, Terry from Pinball Life is giving away a cool Total Nuclear Annihilation prize, and of course the E.M. Dungeon master is back for another episode. Returning once again to the Spooky Pinball podcast is Eric from JJP. Eric will be discussing the incredibly well received new Pirates of the Caribbean game that appears to have made some serious waves in the pinball industry, ON HIS FIRST GAME!!! What is it with these young pinball designers these days?! Speaking of which, we’ll go over the Total Nuclear Annihilation launch party (see, another young designer!) and talk about all sorts of spooky Halloween goodness. Tune in, turn on, and get spooky loyal listeners!

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Oct 012017

It’s the 2017 Halloween Spook-tacular! We are celebrating our favorite holiday this year with the one and only, Matt “Piggy D” Montgomery! Matt is the bassist in Rob Zombie’s band, and also handles guitar and vocals with Ash Costello in our favorite spooky Halloween Party Monster band, The Haxans! Matt is also the composer of lots of new music you’ll get to hear soon in the Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle game, so we’ll talk pinball with him and we’ll even give you a sneak listen of this fantastic new music on this months show. You’ll also get the 2nd part of the interview with 99 year young pinball legend, Wayne Neyens. Toss in a great prize from Pinball Life, lots of little spooky things, and you’ll have a blast listening to this months offering. Stay Spooky Creepy Kooky pinball people!

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Sep 012017

As Spooky prepares for fall and switching up the production line yet again, we’re taking time to talk to a true legend in pinball… Wayne Neyens! Mr. Neyens was making pinball machines LOOONG before the rest of us knew how to work a flipper button. As he celebrates his 99th birthday, our E.M. Dungeon master sits down with Wayne for a special 2 part interview on his storied history in the industry we love. Special thanks to Pinball Magazine for helping with this one. Also we’ll hear from “Night Mutilator” as we completely shift gears to learn about the 5th annual “Pinball Tournament of Death”… brought to you by Pinside and Bloodshed Deathbath. Pinball Life is also giving away a Total Nuclear Annihilation shaker motor kit because they are awesome… so yep, this is an eclectic mix of a show for the ages!

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Aug 012017

It’s August 1st, and Spooky Pinball is about to get Totally Annihilated!!! In the good way of course… by bringing in Scott Danesi and a bunch of crazy Minnesota friends to make the announcement that Total Annihilation is complete and ready to unleash on the world! Yes, Scott is back along with Bryan Kelly, and his side kicks Brian & Jesse for an open discussion on the wrap-up process to get the photo shoot complete. You’ll also hear from the E.M. Dungeon, and of course Terry at Pinball Life has another great prize for you. Crazy times at Spooky Pinball… hope you’re enjoying them as much as we are!

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Jul 012017

It’s July 1st, and this month we are thrilled to bring you an interview with an artist from the Williams days who you may or may not know… Linda Deal! Linda worked on such games as Dr. Who, Circus Voltaire, and Theater of Magic, but hasn’t really done many interviews or trade shows. As an added bonus, her former co-worker and our legendary pinball art friend, Greg Freres is along for the ride to help co-host this segment. If that isn’t enough to trip your pinball launch button, we’ve also got Dana & Joel Reeves on this months show to talk about their debut documentary film (that just happens to be about Spooky Pinball), Things That Go Bump In the Night, The Spooky Pinball Story. We were honored they selected us as the subject of their first film, and hopefully you get a chance to own or see it. Pinball Life has some great protection to give away this month, plus the E.M. Dungeon and the usual bout of witty (not likely) banter is available for your consumption. Have at it, and happy 4th of July everyone!

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