Oct 012018

Halloween approaches, and we take on a couple topics with the scariest thing ever…. OPINIONS! Bug and Charlie talk about their pinball dream team, and keep things to the happy side by talking games that need a second look to find the fun factor. We’ll also have another edition of Dining With Spooky at Lawrence’s Pub and Eatery with some crazy MN friends. Tack on Danni’s strategy of 2 classic games (Mata Hari and Strikes & Spares)…. James back in the E.M. Dungeon, and a super needed and cool prize from Pinball Life on a brand new product, The Bally / Stern Rectifier Board. You know yours is crispy and you need a new one, so take a shot and maybe you’ll get a free one just for listening! Enjoy, have fun, be nice, and absorb all the Spooky scary October goodness that is the Spooky Pinball Podcast.

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Sep 012018

This month, we’re gearing up for the Benton Labor Day parade with a big ol’ crazy surprise that we’re going to roll right down main street of our hometown. We’ll talk to a new partner company on “Dining With Spooky”, hear from James in the E.M. Dungeon, Danni on Batman 66, and a few more crazy gabby moments of fun! Terry from Pinball Life is tossing in the most fun topper for your Total Nuclear Annihilation ever offered, and we also have a big announcement regarding that game. Also, we’ll have a word straight from the sources on the 34th, 2108 edition of Pinball Expo. Strap in, hang on, and get ready to roll with the 102nd episode of the Spooky Pinball Podcast!


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Aug 012018

Spooky Pinball crossed into the triple digit show range last month, and we’re not stopping there. This month we talk to Jack Danger, Bowen Kerins, and Bunyip van Es while we flip out on Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle in the shop. You’ll also get Charlie & Bug’s take on the recent Godzilla “drama” (we hate drama), and you’ll try out a new segment on “Dining With Spooky” where we once again visit Lawrence’s Pub and Eatery with our guest, Al Warner. You’ll have a chance to win a PinWrench Ultimate leg and backbox bolt wrench from Pinball Life, and of course you’ll hear from Dave & Danni on one of our favorite games, and James Willing in the E.M. Dungeon. You’ll get all this and more just for tuning your non existing radio dial to the Spooky Pinball Podcast!

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Jul 012018

A show 8.333 years in the making… it’s Spooky Pinball Podcast #100! Terry from Pinball Life is giving away a Scoregasam Master Playfield to 1 lucky listener, and Spooky Pinball is giving away a prize pack as well to double the prizes, double the fun. The E.M. Dungeon  master has a special interview, and a skit breaks out with the legendary Alice Cooper (more or less). It even sounds better thanks to our friend & sponsor Chris from KingPin Games!  Come join us for some rambling weirdness and hopefully fun moments as we celebrate a very big milestone here on the Spooky Pinball Podcast.


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Jun 012018

So the family and some fine people from the west coast finally got Charlie on a plane and to California for the first time ever! Thanks to everyone at the Golden State Pinball Festival for the hospitality and hosting us at what is an incredible show. We also managed to sneak in 2 days of vacation at Disneyland (thanks to a great friend) and went to Las Vegas for more work to make sure Spooky Pinball LLC has some cool product coming your way for the next several years to come! You’ll get interviews from the show, road reports from the family, a visit from E.M Dungeon dweller James, and Danni will tell you all about how to navigate the classic horror game Tales From the Crypt! Yet another Total Nuclear Annihilated prize from Pinball Life tops off what is the 99th consecutive monthly podcast for team Spooky. Make sure you come back next month for something special on our 100th episode special!

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May 012018

Back once again to thrill, chill, and hopefully entertain you is the one and only Spooky Pinball Podcast. We’re off to the Midwest Gaming Classic this month to … get a little weird really. Nothing like hanging out with Svengoolie and playing pinball! You’ll hear from several guests from the show, and you’ll also get a nice interview with Dom & Chris from Newcastle Pinball / Pinfest IN STUDIO! Yes, all the way from Newcastle, Australia to Benton, WI just for your listening pleasure. Toss in the usual great prize from Pinball Life, The E.M. Dungeon, and Danni giving you the run down on Taxi (Wms pinball) and you’ve got something anyway! Enjoy.

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Apr 012018

We’re off to the Texas Pinball Festival, and holy leaping pinballs what a weekend! The Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle reveal went so well it was scary, and Scott Danesi’s Total Nuclear Annihilation game continues to pile up the awards. This time Scott landed the Pinball News 2017 GAME OF THE YEAR trophy! Congrats to Scott as always, and thanks to Martin for the trophy! We’ll talk all about the TPF adventure, the road trip down and back, the new game, and prepping for the Midwest Gaming Classic in just a couple weeks. Also this month we’ll hear a new segment from a special young gal who just might teach you a thing or two about pinball rules… Danni Peck from New Zealand. Toss in the usual goodness of prizes from Pinball Life, the EM Dungeon, and some weird stuff you’ll have to hear for yourself and you’ve got an April shower of pinball goodness.

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Mar 012018

A show 8 years in the making… on this episode of the Spooky Pinball podcast we have the usual banter between Charlie and Bug, and bring in Robert and Jay from Double Danger Pinball to discuss the coolest pinball paraphernalia purveyor on the planet! Pinball Life is giving away a super set of interior graphic protectors (they really work, we use them here in production even!) Our Spooky Pinball Twitter master, Bug is stepping it up a notch and bringing you some fun and funny new goodness, and of course we have the usual cast of characters to hopefully keep you entertained and who knows, maybe even a little informed. Flip away pinball people!

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Feb 012018

As Spooky Pinball the company starts our 5th year of business, we move the podcast 1 show closer to 8 years of goofy pinball entertainment. As Total Nuclear Annihilation moves closer to our all time sales record, we bring back Scott Danesi to share some stories and talk all about the process that went in to making something incredibly rare… an entire pinball game soundtrack available to the masses! Plus, its been released on cassette (it’s Scott, go figure) as well as all your favorite steaming services. We’ll also hear from E.M. Dungeon Master James Willing, as he takes up his normal SLOT with a slight deviation (all pun intended). We’ll even be giving away a TnA cassette to a lucky listener just for fun, courtesy of Pinball Life! Kick back, put your flippers up, and enjoy the random banter.

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Jan 012018

It’s 2018… and the worlds longest running pinball podcast is back for our 8th consecutive year! This month, Bug and KT are taking over the show while Charlie is off chasing a Bunyip. You’ll hear from our Aussie animator while your hosts go over the wildness that was 2017 and give you some sneak peaks into what’s planned for the upcoming year. Toss in the usual generosity of Pinball Life, and you’ll have the gift that keeps on giving the whole year Clark. Welcome to 2018… Spooky Pinball Podcast style!


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