From the INVENTOR of shock rock, comes Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle!

Limited to 500 units, this game is an over the top loaded pinball horror adventure game fit for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend… explore Alice’s monster filled castle as you battle your way to defeat the master himself. COMING SOON FROM SPOOKY PINBALL LLC!

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From Spooky Pinball LLC, and Danesi Designs. Total Nuclear Annihilation!

Multiple “Best New Game” show winner, including Pinball News 2017 GAME OF THE YEAR! 

ORDERS ARE OFFICIALLY ALL FILLED AT THIS TIME!!! TnA was our biggest seller with well over 500 units sold and delivered, so thanks to everyone who supported this unique game!

Total Nuclear Annihilation… the best original pinball in YEARS!

ALL ORDERS FILLED!… the first game from Scott Danesi! This is the fastest, most fun, most addictive, original game in decades. Spooky Pinball LLC is thrilled to bring you a game so unique, it’s changing what pinball can be! Comes with full RGB LED’s in the entire game, full laser cut stainless custom side rails, 4 player digital displays, LCD display, and an awesome original soundtrack by Mr. Danesi himself… get this multi-award winning game for yourself and see what all the pinball buzz is about!

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Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International is officially SOLD OUT!

Production began in February, 2016. Production was set at 300 units, and all 300 games have shipped to happy customers worldwide, including Rob Zombie himself!

Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International has some major quality upgrades from the long sold out America’s Most Haunted… we’ve learned a lot as a company over the last 3 years, and we can’t thank you enough for the support!

To RobSheriSid Haig, everyone at Global MerchandisingSpectacle Entertainment Group, our customers, and everyone who is a part of the Spooky Pinball team, THANK YOU!!

You are always welcome to visit our facility at 184 Ridge Ave, in Benton, WI, or email with questions.

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America’s Most Haunted is officially SOLD OUT!

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The Pinball Company (with an assist from Spooky) presents, The Jetsons pinball!

The Pinball Company hired Spooky Pinball LLC to build this wonderful family friendly fun game based on everyone’s favorite cartoon space family. The game includes a great soundtrack, interactive Orbitty topper, sculpted Astro, RUDI, and space buildings, interior panel graphics, and even plastic protectors! For more details and availability, contact our friends Nic and Brooke Parks at THE PINBALL COMPANY.

We are thrilled that Spooky Pinball LLC was selected by Domino’s Pizza to produce the Domino’s Spectacular Pinball Adventure! This is a 100% original theme game, with custom layout, speech, toys, and some classic 80’s video game sounds you’ll love.

A portion of the game sales goes to The Domino’s Partners Foundation.

Sales are capped at this time, and production is complete.
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