Feb 012015

SPP59Well it’s Super Bowl Sunday… sadly the Packers are doing what we’re doing here (watching the game stuck at home in a blizzard), so we might as well send the latest podcast out into the storm. This month Joe from PinballSTAR brings on Josh Sharpe, world renowned pinball player and all around good will ambassador. That obviously runs in the family, and is in great hands. Terry from Pinball Life gives away the coolest pop bumper caps you’ve ever seen, and somebody breaks out the big guns… which could be taken a couple of ways, but take it literally. It’s a well armed episode of the Spooky Pinball Podcast! Oh… and as mentioned on the show, if you’d like to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes (JDRF), just click here.

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Jan 012015

SPP58Happy new year, and welcome to the first show of 2015. This month we talk to Scott Gullicks from Riot Pinball. Scott is the man behind the Wrath of Olympus pinball project… this started as a virtual game that became reality. Scott gives an honest assessment of what he’s been through in the quest to take his dream game all the way to production, which we can tell you is quite the feat. Terry from Pinball Life, and Joe from PinballSTAR are both back in 2015. Pinball Life is giving away the coolest piece of test equipment we’ve seen in a long time, and wait until you hear the simple way you can win this! Bryan Kelly, Jim and the Pinball Dungeon, and the kids complete their journey to the Arcade Expo in Banning California… it’s more podcast fun than you can shake a flipper bat at!

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Dec 012014

SPP57redHo Ho Ho and Merry pinball lovin’ Christmas to all our listeners. It’s our 2nd annual holiday trip to Stern Pinball! You’ll get to hear from Greg Freres, Lonnie Ropp, Gary Stern, and Steve Ritchie. If that wasn’t enough, Jody the marketing guru is going to give one of our lucky listeners a Walking Dead Pinball signed translite! Really… just gonna give it away, because tis’ the season and all that cool stuff. We also hear a report from the Australia Pinball Expo from our friends at Pizza N’ Pinball. Bug and Squirrel continue their medieval journey on a quest to make it to the Arcade Expo in Banning, CA. Toss in lots of other little fun trinkets and goodies, and yule have a 2 hour celebration!

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Nov 012014

PrintIt’s the Halloween / Expo wrap up / recovery show! This month we get a small taste of Pinball Expo in Chicago, a first for Bug & Squirrel! Joe from PinballSTAR stops by with Robin from Pinside. Toss in the usual cast of characters like Tech um… master?! Bryan Kelly (it’s a joke people… and I think he’s really agitated this month), and a real tech master in the E.M. Dungeon…. plus Terry from Pinball Life giving away still even more cool goodies, the kids start a 3 part journey to The Arcade Expo in Banning CA, and it’s an episode that both tricks and treats your senses. Man that sounds corny… Happy Halloween anyway kiddies!

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Oct 012014

PrintWe finally made it to October! Yep… the leaves are falling, the temperature is cooling off, and scary things are popping up everywhere. Which explains why Bryan Kelly has returned to the podcast with a brand new segment! We hear from David about his foray into pinball pop art with “Life Under Glass”. Joe from PinballSTAR is back with his buddy Rich from The White Rose Gameroom Show. Of course Terry from Pinball Life has got something cool for you to win just by listening… and we give you all the prep Spooky Pinball is making for Pinball Expo. Take that boils & ghouls!

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Sep 012014

SPP54Yep… It’s Labor Day weekend in Benton. The biggest weekend of the entire year in our little village! So, this show is a bit short on content, but not short of mediocrity. What we lack in quality, we make up for in some serious bribery! You can win some cool stuff just by listening to this show. Really, you can! Like A Gozmod for your Attack From Mars, and not 1, not 2, not even 3 or 4, but 5 bent plastics (TM) from Pinball Life! Kick back, enjoy the show, and have a great fall ya’ll. In the words of almost Ed Sullivan, we’ll have a really big sho’ for you next month!

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Aug 052014

SPP53We’re late… we’re late… for a very important… uh, well not date, but show air time anyway. This month we hear from Mark (aka Sparky) from Sparky Pinball. Sparky is talking about his new MDM’s… what’s an MDM? Listen to the show, visit his website, and see these cool little beauties for yourself. We also talk to Joe Newhart from PinballSTAR about ANOTHER WoZ going to ANOTHER children’s hospital. Kudos to Joe and everyone who helped make this happen AGAIN! Terry from Pinball Life gives away yet another great prize… KT makes us dinner, and Bug and I talk a little Godzilla & pinball. Look.. up in the sky, it’s a flipper, it’s a crazy busy dude, it’s Spooky Pinball Podcast #53!

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Jul 012014

SPP52It’s kids takeover month once again, as Charlie is up to his eyeballs in trying to get games out the door. Bug & Squirrel host, and interview the Minions… not those cute characters from Despicable Me, the guys who make the games at Spooky Pinball LLC. Charlie & Joe Newhart from Pinball STAR Amusements pop in later to talk with Gerry Stellenberg from Multimorphic, and some of the revolutionary things he’s up to. Toss in a cool prize from Pinball Life, some random fun, and you’ve got a show run by kids that isn’t exactly child’s play!

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Jun 012014

SPP51This month we get super colorful when we talk to Randy at ColorDMD. If you don’t know what color DMD is, you need to check out their site & videos, and gasp in amazement. We also talk to Jonathan from Pinball Magazine about the new book “Pinball” by Santiago Ciuffo. I’m prepared to call this the best book on pinball photography ever released… check it out, and learn something about the history of pinball in Argentina while you’re being entertained. Toss in the EM Dungeon, a cool prize from Terry at Pinball Life (and another top secret bonus prize) and you’ve got 1 hour, 38 minutes and 34 seconds of some pretty good pinball entertainment!


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May 012014

PrintIt’s off to the Midwest Gaming Classic once again for team Spooky! Lots of interviews with everyone from pinball dignitaries like Nate from Coast to Coast Pinball, to Taro the dog (really… KT interviewed Rob Anthony‘s dog). Hear all about the show, the pins, the vids, the costume contest… and speaking of contests, Terry from Pinball Life gives away a cool set of Brite Buttons to a lucky listener. Joe from PinballSTAR stops in to pre-talk Allentown Pinfest, and beyond that I guess you’ll just have to listen and find out. Hope you enjoy the show, and keep flippin’ pinball dudes & dudettes!

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