Mar 312016

PrintThe Spooky Pinball crew headed south and made the 16 hour journey to the Texas Pinball Festival, and this month, we take you along for the ride! You’ll hear from Rob Anthony and his pinball famous pooch, Taro. In addition, you’ll hear from new pinball artist on the Domino’s game (thanks Blake!) some pinball playing police, and several other Texas Pinball lovin’ guests. You’ll also hear from some fine new purveyors of pinball paraphernalia, Double Danger… from DD Pinball. Pinball Life will give away a super cool gadget prize that will tell you what that game is really worth. We’ll also cover some of the goodness going on at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2016. Spooky Pinball will have some help from Bright Eyes Cosplay at this years MGC, so break out the costumes and come play some pinball. Where else can you say that?! Enjoy the show, and see you at MGC real soon!

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Mar 012016

PrintAfter a short month of really hard work, Spooky Pinball the game maker is set up in our new shop. Trust me… making games while moving is a lot harder than it looks.  But never fear, because we still found time to gather a podcast for your listening to us ramble on needs! This month, we hear from Ed VanderVeen of the world famous Texas Pinball Festival. Ed even brings his kids along to talk to Bug about all sorts of things, and of course we cover all the goodness going on at the show. James is back to talk bowling & pinball on the E.M. Dungeon, and of course Terry from Pinball Life has a fantastic prize in store for you… just for listening, because he’s that damn nice. So there you have it… after 6 years of podcasts, we still manage to find a few things to talk about on this show!

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Feb 012016

PrintWell, after 3 years in the Benton Business Incubator, we managed to get ourselves set up and build a shop to call our new home! Yep, Spooky Pinball is moving on up in the world… and we couldn’t be more excited. Bug is taking over the entire show while mom & dad, along with the help of our awesome friends , move from the old shop to the new. Heck, insurance whiz Dave Anderson even stopped and grabbed buddies from 3 different cities in Wisconsin on the way to help! Terry from Pinball Life is giving away his monthly prize just for listening yet again… and you’ll also get reports from everyone involved in the move, and have a little fun in the process. Hey… hearing about moving is fun… actually doing the moving is the pain in the a**!!! And we didn’t even ask to borrow your pickup truck.

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Jan 012016

Rob_Zombie_LE_GlassAs we wrap up the best year in Spooky Pinball history, we get ready for what’s already shaping up to be an even better year! This month we’ll be hearing Bug’s “year in review”, we’ll give away a pile of some cool Perfect Play Silicone flipper rubber from Terry at Pinball Life, and of course hear from James in the E.M. Dungeon. For guests this month, we are going to be just hanging out & talking all things pinball with a cool pinball couple, Nate & Theresa from the Coast 2 Coast Pinball Podcast. So there you have it… just us for couples night here on the Spooky Pinball Podcast, and ring in the new year with some flippin’ style!

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Dec 012015

SPP69Happy horror days and merry Crypt-mas! On this months show we talk to Adam Gacek from Domino’s Pizza about the (yes, it’s real) Spooky Pinball / Domino’s Pizza pinball project! Like the world didn’t know pinball people love pizza…? We’re just bringing those two worlds even closer together. KT, Bug, and Charlie ramble on about lots of things, and we also get to give away a Pin-Vol External volume control from the always in the giving holiday spirit guy Terry at Pinball Life. Add to that the E.M. Dungeon, and the conclusion of Bug’s tale of the Rob Zombie Pinball game adventure, and you won’t be returning this show for store credit anytime soon! P.S… sorry for the slight audio issue, we’ll fix that.

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Nov 012015

SPP68Well what a month it’s been ghosts & ghouls. The AMH #150 charity auction was a huge success (thanks Richard From D&R Plumbing!), we survived the trip to Pinball Expo and back, and the new Spooky Pinball world HQ is under way! Like that isn’t enough pinball goodness, we took the Rob Zombie Spookshow International pinball prototype to Rob Zombie himself. You’ll hear one really nervous host interview Rob, and we’ll talk about his game and pinball in general. As if having my musical monster hero on the show isn’t enough, we’ll also hear from horror host legend and the auctioneer of our charity game… Svengoolie! A new segment this month introduces the “Pinball Gadget of the Month”, and to top it off… Terry from Pinball Life is going to give this particular gadget to a lucky listener. That’s it… have a happy Halloween, and STAY SPOOKY!

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Oct 012015

SPP67Welcome to the new(ish) slightly revamped, a little more spooky, a little more condensed version of the Spooky Pinball Podcast! This month we get back to basics and take the words “Spooky” and “Pinball” back to heart. We’ll hear from the usual cast of characters, and we’ll also be talking to Terry from Pinball Life about the 11th annual open house Explosion on October 16th. Come meet Svengoolie, eat free food, play free pinball, drink free beer… did we mention it’s all free?! And don’t forget, the last America’s Most Haunted will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. So there you have it… and we hope to see you on October 16th’s at Pinball Life, and October 17th at Pinball Expo!

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Sep 012015

SPP66Well this is a first as far as we know… a podcast brought to you almost live from the “A” division of a pinball tourney! Follow Bug & Charlie as they jump into unknown territory and see what happens from the Mad Rollin’ PinBrawl in Madison, WI. You’ll hear stories and strategy from Nate Shivers of the Coast 2 Coast Pinball Podcast, Ben Heck, a few top ranking pinball players having fun, and lots more. We also hear from Nic Parks on the relaunch of GameRoom Magazine… yes, IT’S BACK!!! Top it off with a really cool prize from Pinball Life for you old school Bally / Stern guys, the E.M. Dungeon, some silliness, and Ben & Charlie singing a duet to Nate… and you’ve got… something anyway. Enjoy!

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Aug 012015

SPP65Charlie is up to his eyeballs in Rob Zombie pinball art file set-up work this month, so Bug and Squirrel have taken over the bulk of the show. As the farm families around Benton can tell you, it’s good to have kids who can help ya’ get work done! This month thanks to listener questions, we learn more about Charlie than you probably ever wanted to know. Joe from PinballSTAR brings on his buddy Mike to talk a whole lot about pinball flyers and some really famous custom golf / pinball games and the story behind them. Terry from Pinball Life gives away a set of those Bryan Kelly world famous Pinfooties, and I’d tell you more about the show in these notes but hey, I haven’t heard it yet. Spooky Pinball Podcast… this month, it’s kids stuff.


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Jul 012015

PrintWhat a month it’s been… Denver and the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown was a blast, and the announcement we made left our little company about a mile high. Yes, it’s official… Spooky Pinball is making “Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International“. As life long Rob Zombie fans, we couldn’t be more excited… to say the least, and we’ll tell you all we can about this project on this show. We’ll also hear from a brand new pinball voice artist, Sid Haig! Yep, Sid will be in our pinball game with all new custom speech for everyone’s favorite psychotic clown, Captain Spaulding. We’ll also hear a little more from Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies, who treated Charlie, KT, Bug, and Squirrel to a fine night out on the Last Summer On Earth tour. If that wasn’t enough coolness, we also hear from Zombie Yeti himself, Jeremy Packer on the PinballSTAR of the month segment. Toss in a cool prize from Pinball Life, and hear Charlie sing Bug’s new jingle for Pinball Metal… a new sponsor on the show. Trust us, you’ll survive it.

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