Jul 012017

It’s July 1st, and this month we are thrilled to bring you an interview with an artist from the Williams days who you may or may not know… Linda Deal! Linda worked on such games as Dr. Who, Circus Voltaire, and Theater of Magic, but hasn’t really done many interviews or trade shows. As an added bonus, her former co-worker and our legendary pinball art friend, Greg Freres is along for the ride to help co-host this segment. If that isn’t enough to trip your pinball launch button, we’ve also got Dana & Joel Reeves on this months show to talk about their debut documentary film (that just happens to be about Spooky Pinball), Things That Go Bump In the Night, The Spooky Pinball Story. We were honored they selected us as the subject of their first film, and hopefully you get a chance to own or see it. Pinball Life has some great protection to give away this month, plus the E.M. Dungeon and the usual bout of witty (not likely) banter is available for your consumption. Have at it, and happy 4th of July everyone!

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Jun 012017

PrintOn this show, you’re going to get the grand finale of the Adventures of Lionman… a story 9 months in the making. Beyond that, you’ll hear how stress and hard work makes team Spooky (mostly Fawzma) really cranky as we put in a team marathon session of Rob Zombie code update madness. All work and very little play makes Ben Heck even more crazy than normal… trust me, it does. Toss in the usual E.M. Dungeon segment of goodness, and a 34 piece prize from Pinball Life, and you’ll be glad you took the time to check out the show. Maybe.

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May 012017

SPP_86May 1st is here, spring is in the air, new construction at the Spooky Pinball world HQ has begun, and there is MUCH to talk about! You’ll hear how the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic went for team Spooky (here’s a hint… it went VERY well!). You’ll also hear about Charlie and KT’s travels to Phoenix to attend the Flippin’ With the Greats charity pinball tourney in conjunction with Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock foundation. We got to spend some time with Alice Cooper himself, and even came home with some autographed goodies to give away on the show! Perhaps the biggest news to ever quietly come from Spooky Pinball, is explained this month with our very special guest, Scott Danesi… to say we are thrilled and excited about this announcement is an understatement, so listen in and share the pinball goodness with us! Toss in another great prize from the awesome folks at Pinball Life, the EM Dungeon, and lots of Spooky babble, and you’ve got … well something anyway. Enjoy!

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Apr 012017

PrintWe’re off to Frisco Texas once again for the Texas Pinball Festival! You’ll hear interviews with Joe Balcer of American Pinball, show promoter Ed, Sam “Flash Gordon” Jones, Martin from Pinball News, and even a bit of pirate like chanting from Steve Ritchie. If that doesn’t trip your trigger, you’ll also hear Scott Danesi & Jack Danger as they get Totally Annihilated! Learn more about the home brew game that is catching the pinball world by surprise with its retro awesomeness. Plus you’ll hear about our big plans with Svengoolie at the Midwest Gaming Classic and Rob Zombie #300 that is being auctioned off for charity… and the pinball movie premiere of “Things That Go Bump In the Night“. We’ll also talk about our new game announcement, “Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle“. Plus EM Dungeon, Adventures of Lionman… AND LOTS MORE!!! Tons to talk about, so quit reading and click that play button fellow pinball crazy listeners!!!

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Mar 012017

PrintWhat terror lurks… in the deepest darkest parts of Australia? Could this terror ever work its way to the United States and infiltrate PINBALL ITSELF??? Tune in this month to hear the incredible spooky tale of … THE BUNYIP! Yes, our animator David Van Es has a long history of pinball that literally spans the globe, and you’ll get to hear some awesome stories about him not only creating dots in several of our games, but also being set on fire and occasionally hit by a car. Things you do in Australia for fun apparently. You’ll also hear Bug & Charlie talk about the up coming trip to The Texas Pinball Festival, Things That Go Bump In the Night, Rob Zombie game #300 at the Midwest Gaming Classic, and the up coming Dead FlipTotal Annihilation” show. Pinball Life gives away a REALLY cool prize, and of course you’ll enter the E.M. Dungeon. Listen to this months show… if you dare!!!

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Feb 012017

jetsons flyerWell the Bug-cast has hit Feb. 1st, which means it’s been 4 years since Spooky Pinball LLC launched… and hey, we’re still here! Let’s celebrate by talking to Ed VanderVeen from the Texas Pinball Festival, and hear all the goodness that will be a part of the 2017 show. Did we mention Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) and Sam Jones will be there?! It’s almost like a pinball festival comic-con of greatness! James is back as your E.M. Dungeon master, Charlie and Bug talk about the recent Jetsons pinball release for The Pinball Company, and of course you’ll continue your adventures with LIONMAN!!! To add more awesomeness, Terry from Pinball Life is back for another year of sponsorship and giving away free stuff, and Jonathan from Pinball Magazine is giving away a free copy of his latest BOOK! (he calls it a magazine, but he’s not fooling anyone). Kick back, toss a drink in your PinGulp, and enjoy the show!

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Jan 012017

spp82Here we are… 2017 is at hand, and it’s time for new resolutions. Ours is to make what we’ve built the foundation for what will be THE BEST SMALL PINBALL COMPANY EVER! We also promise to keep the Spooky Pinball Bug-cast the fun, silly, informative, and borderline educational podcast it was always meant to be. We don’t just toot our own horn, we’ll ring the bell for anyone who takes the business we love in a great direction. You’re going to meet a young man from Jersey Jack Pinball who many of you don’t know… but you should, and you’ll learn why right here as we interview Eric Meunier, who has some HUGE NEWS for you! We’ll also hear from your favorite E.M. Dungeon Master, and of course Pinball Life is giving away another fantastic prize. Buckle up, hang on… and enjoy the wild ride that 2017 promises to be!

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Dec 012016

spp81This month we mix it up just a bit… Charlie, KT, and Bug are off to a show but hey, for a change we’re the only ones there with a pinball machine. It’s fun to mix all things spooky WITH pinball, so we’re setting up a game at Days of the Dead in Chicago. Yep… right there in legendary actor (and pinball voice artist) Sid Haig’s booth. Nothing like paying back the people who help make your games great by letting their fans play some pinball and see the results! You’ll hear from Sid’s friend and House of 1000 Corpses / Devil’s Rejects partner in crime, Bill Moseley… who it turns out can play a killer game of pinball (see what I did there?!). Toss in the usual goodness of the E.M. Dungeon, Things That Go Bump In the Night movie premiere talk, and 3 cool prizes from Pinball Life and it’s a Christmas free gift you won’t have to return for store credit.

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Nov 012016

PrintSo Bug, KT, and Charlie headed off to Expo 2016, and lucky for you Bug managed to score some great (and also silly) interviews while at the show. You’ll hear from Andrew at Heighway Pinball about their new Alien game. Bryan Kelly is back to explain his absence, Scott Danesi talks Total Annihilation pinball, and you’ll also hear some other random Pinball Expo goodness. You can win another great prize from Terry at Pinball Life, and lots more… So kick back and enjoy the best free pinball podcast put out 1 day after Halloween for the last 6 years you’re likely hear today!



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Sep 262016

spp79As we prep for pinball Expo, Bug and Charlie talk about a bunch of stuff. Fortunately loyal pinball listener, it’s all pinball related. Really this one is kind of the “show about nothing”… but something! What does that mean? Only one way to find out. You’ll get all the usual goodies like the E.M. Dungeon, a cool Rob Zombie knocker kit to a lucky listener from Pinball Life, and the gadget of the month… plus, Bug & Charlie score a cool route game completely by accident and tell the story. The highlight of the show is part 2 of “The Adventures of Lionman”, so kick back, relax, and enjoy a free hour of pinball goodness on us! See you at the 2016 Pinball Expo.

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